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BIMs and Bobs

We've rounded up the best community content for your convenience. Do you have any of your own content? Upload and share yours with thousands of specifiers, today.

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Agile Working

As technology allows us to move away from the fixed workstation, new furniture typologies have emerged.

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Interior Design

From furniture to heating and everything in between, these interior objects will add flair to your projects.

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Products for Healthcare Design

By Space Architecture UK

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These canine-inspired robots are developing at a rapid rate

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Posted 22.08.2019 by Rob Charlton

As Generation Z begin to enter the workforce, Rob Charlton takes a look at the cultural shift over recent years.

BIM helps to create new Colombian cancer facility

Posted 20.08.2019 by Dan Robinson

How a Colombian construction firm are using BIM to provide a sustainable hospital for cancer patients

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  • These canine-inspired robots are developing at a rapid rate

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