Rewarding Members for their loyalty

bimstore rewards is our user loyalty programme. We wanted to thank each and every one of our users for choosing bimstore, so we put our heads together and thought up some wonderful gifts and exclusive offers.  The more our users use bimstore and participate in our community the better the rewards available to them. 

All new members of our community start at Tier 1 and by using bimstore and participating in our community have the opportunity to get up to a maximum of Tier 4.


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Get Noticed

By creating a reward for your product or service, you are potentially getting your product or service exposed our hundreds of thousands of users.

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You are in full control

You can set a maximum availability, expiry date, and what Tier Level of user is able claim your reward, meaning you are in full control at all times.


A Real Community

We have strict validation processes built-in to our platform to ensure that only real users, who you target are able to claim a reward.

Revenue Generator

Creating a reward for our community is free, and if you offer a trial or time limited reward, it will increase exposure of your product or service with our users with the potential of turning these users into your customers.

The amount of users who decide to purchase your product or service after claiming a reward.
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Enquire about Creating a Reward

Creating a reward is free, however we only allow rewards that bring value to our community.