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Access qualified inbound leads, increase sales through specification and ensure accurate and up-to-date distribution of your product data across multiple channels with bimstore.

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About bimstore

  • bimstore is a cloud-based platform where you can host your product information, confident that it is accurate and up to date.
  • Allow specifiers to download your digital objects providing you with the necessary details for you to generate qualified leads.
  • Your digital products are embedded in Building Information Models through the design process, increasing specification whilst reducing the potential for product substitution.   

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Return on Investment

By distributing content through bimstore you will increase specification by providing easier access to your digital components during design. Our platform helps to generate qualified email leads for everyone accessing your content with an average cost per lead of £0.40.

"Wiesner-Hager have 7 of our best sellers on the platform which has been successful with plenty of views and downloads across many geographical locations. With insights and analytics, there is an ROI that you can actually see."

- Michael Lambrianos, UK M.D. Wiesner-Hager.

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Digital Marketing - bimstore Connect

bimstore has developed Connect, a built-in marketing platform where manufacturers can build targeted campaigns, sponsored search results and featured content. 

The platform provides several features to suit every campaign:

Sponsored Product
Feature your products at the top of search results. Select search terms for where your products are shown with the ability to define your audience and target articles to users by profession, city or country.   

Sponsored Logo on Homepage
Get your company and logo featured on the bimstore homepage. You can define a user’s audience by profession, city or country. 

Sponsored Article
Produce content and publish it to targeted users whilst also posting it on the bimstore resources section. Define the audience by profession, city or country.   

Sponsored Article on Homepage
You can get your article featured in a prime location on the bimstore homepage. You can define an optional user audience to target your article to users by profession, city or country.   

Bespoke Campaigns
You can get your video article featured in a prime location on the bimstore homepage. You can define an optional user audience to target your article to users by type, city or country.

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Your Shop Window

We're proud of every piece of digital content on our site and realise this is a digital representation of our manufacturers products.

To put you at ease, only content approved by both bimstore and your team finds its way onto our platform.

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bimstore content distribution

Manufacturer CRM

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We offer more than just creating and hosting your products.



Having your products digitalised in BIM means that creating interactive experiences that use this content is now easier than ever. bimstore have worked with manufacturers to create interactive VR/AR experiences for trade shows and marketing campaigns. Take a look at our virtual showroom, below.



Powerful Integrations

Embed your BIM objects on your website with a single line of code, we'll keep your objects in sync across and handle the complexities of download tracking and maintenance. We can even link you to more advanced integrations through our manufacturer API to integrate with your own PIM or CRM system.



Digital Content Services

Aside from creating the perfect content, we can also use your BIM content to create stunning 3D visuals, renderings, animations and 3D interactive widgets for marketing purposes. We have in-house marketing experts who provide a range of free services, to maximise your investment in BIM.

Digital Content Services

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