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Over the last 10 years, bimstore has built a community of hundreds of thousands of specifiers and manufacturers from all over the world from architecture, engineering, interior design as well as many more.

Feedback from manufacturers is that they want to connect with the right specifiers in the right location to suit their product.

As the bimstore community has grown there is an opportunity for our manufacturers to segment their market and target audiences interested in their product.

In response to this, bimstore has developed Connect, where audiences are defined by profession, product and location. A manufacturer can place their product in front of the right specifiers or connect directly with content or product news to maximise return on investment.

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Using targeted marketing

Today’s specifier wants to know that a product manufacturer cares what they think and will engage with them using relevant content, creating products that they want and responding to their specific requirements.

Research has found that 61% of businesses believe they engage customers with the right information, however, 56% of consumers believe businesses need to have a deeper understanding of their needs and 51% believe brands send too much irrelevant marketing materials.


Why use targeted marketing?

There are numerous advantages of targeted marketing; the key benefits being…

Cost – Mass marketing campaigns generally cost businesses more than a targeted marketing campaign which only focus on people who would be interested in their product in the relevant location.

Effectiveness – When businesses initiate a targeted marketing campaign, they only target a segment of the market that they believe will be interested in their product.

Due to the market consisting of people who are interested in their business or product, the potential return on marketing investment is higher with a targeted campaign than with a mass marketing campaign where everyone is targeted, regardless of interest.

Loyal Customers – The key for any business in finding and developing loyal customers is to first find customers that are interested in the business and its products.

Consequently, by continuing to focus on marketing strategies towards those interested customers, they have the potential to turn them into loyal customers through continual engagement.

Insight – Targeted marketing can be utilised to target people within a certain area around the business, thereby gaining insight into where their customers live and work.

This geographic targeting ability helps develop loyal customers due to increased targeted marketing engagement. Insight can also be gained regarding a customer’s wants and needs, i.e. the ability to gain feedback from a targeted market that will be more likely to have an interest in the business or product. This feedback can then be used to improve customer experience and product development.


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