Node from bimstore is a cloud-based private information portal where you can host documents, BIM components, videos and models in a controlled environment for distribution across project teams.

User permissions allow you to control who has access to the various areas of the site giving you maximum flexibility. Analytics allow you to monitor information and control who is downloading what and when with individual libraries allowing you to control information at project level. You can even add news articles, blogs and videos to keep your teams up to date.

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Overview of functionality

  • View and download your BIM components.
  • Access analytics, allowing you to review how many times each document, BIM component or model has been downloaded.
  • Customise the site including fonts, colours, logos, images, text sizes and page layouts.
  • Simple CMS management, maintenance and editing.
  • Create your own projects.
  • Access advanced analytics
  • Create your own news and blog articles
  • API functionality.
  • Link with wider ecosystem including integrations with the bimstore and Twinview platforms.


Viewing of Models
Downloading BIM Models
Custom Branding
Advanced Search Filters
Group by Tabs
User Management
Advanced User Management
Upload and Manage Own Content
Self-Managed CMS Control & Editing
Create Own 'Manufacturers'
Viewing Advanced Object Details
Create Own News and Blog Articles
Advanced Analytics and Reporting
Create Own iFrame Integrations
Create Own Categories
BIM BOX Functionality
Linkages to Wider Ecosystem
Cross Country Object Support
Dedicated API - Objects, Stats & Users

Case Studies

Node is used by many companies to assist in their information management helping them deliver a consistent and quality building.

Galliford Try

Galliford Try have built an information portal for all divisions of the business over the past 3 years. They have a dedicated internal resource who maintain the library and train the project teams. The platform was deployed in its base form and then the Galliford Try and bimstore team worked together to configure the platform specifically for their needs. Over the past 3 years, the bimstore team have continued to support the Galliford Try team as they continue to develop the platform and collect more content.


Vistry Group

Vistry Homes, previously known as Bovis Homes, have developed over 100 standard house types which include manufacturer-specific content and 30 sheets per house type. All this information needs to be centrally managed so it can be kept up to date across all regions. The platform is managed by Space Architects on behalf of the Vistry team who have a strategy of outsourcing technical support. The Node library has ensured the new BIM houses are maintained and distributed consistently, reducing errors on site and improving quality.



bimstore have been working with Barratt for 7 years. A large percentage of the Barratt house types are hosted on Node to allow distribution to regions. As well as the house types, all manufacturer components are hosted on the platform. Within the Barratt supplier agreement, all manufacturer’s products must be hosted on bimstore.



Lidl have hosted their standard stores on Node for a number of years. They have a model store and specification which is distributed to the design team across the UK. The models are maintained on the site with a new upload every month. Each new release can then be downloaded by the regions and their design teams ensuring consistency of delivery.


Travis Perkins

Travis Perkins are utilising node to power their own BIM library ( The platform has been configured specifically to be used as a public library. The site has all the functionality of Node with an accessible search.


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