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Christmas Collection

BIM content for the festive season.

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Assemble kitchens effortlessly, with some of the best objects we have to offer from top manufacturers such as Moores Furniture Group, Johnson Tiles, Formica and Forbo Flooring. It's never been easier.

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Temporary Works

A collection of products that are designed for temporary works. These models are perfect for 4D time-lining, Sequencing and planning.

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BIMs & Bobs

By bimstore curation

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Agile Working

By Orangebox

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Featured News

Europe's largest green wall to be constructed in London

Posted 12.11.2019 by Dan Robinson

London's Cultural Mile will be the new home of Europe's biggest living wall

Student creates self-repairing pavement from recycled tyres

Posted 08.11.2019 by Dan Robinson

Self-regenerating pavement

A student has created a self-regenerating pavement material with recycled tyres

Timber-based pavilion used to display sustainable projects

Posted 08.11.2019 by Dan Robinson


Biobasecamp is a wooden exhibition space displaying the "concrete of the future"

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