The bimstore Bible

We understand that many manufacturers wish to create their own content. Many of these manufacturers are new to BIM and the standards and terminology used in the industry. We have produced The bimstore Bible to be a plain language guide for BIM content authoring, which is aligned to terminology and functionality of a manufacturers chosen BIM authoring platform.

Content that is built in accordance with the bimstore bible will meet and exceed current industry standards.  We keep the bible updated to industry standards and future developments.  

The bimstore Bible is not a standard - we bring together the relevant industry standards around BIM content into a single software specific guide for producing quality content that aligns to industry recognised standards.

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*Version 17 - Updated the bible to reflect current standards.
Bimstore Bible Document

Author's and Contributors

Adam Ward

Founding Director

Ryan Wigham

Associate Technical Manager

Ryan Lashley

Senior Content Specialist

Ian Holmes

Senior Content Specialist

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