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Are you a manufacturer looking to generate qualified email leads with an average cost of $0.54-per-lead? Joining bimstore and investing in BIM will be the best decision you can make! We already host objects for manufacturers such as Grohe, Orangebox and Genie.

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BIM from the beginning

Over the last 10 years, BIM has undoubtedly been the buzzword of construction. You might be asking yourself, what is it and what does it mean? Well, it stands for Building Information Modelling (BIM) and it is an intelligent 3D model-based process that gives architecture, engineering and construction professionals the insight and tools to efficiently plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure.


Why bimstore?

We are a cloud-based platform where you can host your product information, confident that it is accurate and up-to-date.

Allow specifiers to download your digital objects, providing you with the necessary details for you to generate qualified leads.

Your digital products are embedded in Building Information Models through the design process, increasing specification whilst reducing the potential for product substitution.

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Manufacturer CRM

Our manufacturer admin area is extremely user-friendly. See for yourself how easy it is to access leads and track statistics like views and downloads.
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Marketing your content

Feedback from manufacturers is that they want to connect with the right specifiers in the right location to suit their product, that's why we've developed our very own built-in marketing platform, Connect. 

Manufacturers can now build targeted campaigns, sponsor search results and upload featured content, ensuring that their products are seen by the right specifiers and maximising their ROI.

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To make things simpler for our manufacturers, we have combined some existing features of bimstore such as Shelfs and API. These are referred to as integrations and allow you to display your bimstore content on your own website.

iFrames (previously known as _shelf) can now be configured by manufacturers themselves. You can customise the style of the iFrames yourself in an easy-to-use editor to match your company brand.

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Node from bimstore is a cloud-based private information portal where you can host documents, BIM components, videos and models in a controlled environment for distribution across project teams.

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Your Shop Window

We're proud of every piece of digital content on our site and realise that this is a digital representation of our manufacturer's products.

To put you at ease, only content approved by both bimstore and our manufacturers finds its way onto our platform.


Features and Packages

Manufacturer PageYour own branded company landing page with your contact information and product listings.
Base InsightsGet insights into product views, object downloads, location and user segmentation type.
Number of Product ListingsThe number of products included in the hosting package. Not to be confused with SKUs as each product may contain multiple SKUs.1050100*
Number of Admin Users ListingsThe number of administrators you can have on your account.35Unlimited
Technical SupportAll our packages come with hosting support. With our Enterprise package you also have access to our technical team.Advanced
Advanced Insights & Lead GenerationAdvanced Insights with an interactive dashboard including user lead data with the ability to filter, search and export to CSV.
iFrame IntegrationEmbed your product(s) onto your own website with a single line of code. Fully customisable to your brand and keeps your objects in sync and tracks downloads centrally.
File GeneratorWe automatically convert your BIM content and make it available to users natively in multiple BIM formats.
3D PreviewsInteractive 3D preview of your object(s). Allowing users to view, rotate, zoom and interact with your object(s) before downloading.
Bulk MessagingThe ability to send bulk messages to your followers, including segmentation by industry type.
Data ManagementEdit your object(s) meta data in your cloud based admin area without the need of expensive software. You have the ability to create product variations for our community to download.
Augmented RealityAs part of your package your object(s) are also made available on our Bimstore Eye Augmented Reality app. Available on iOS and Android.
CRM & PIM Integrations (API)Integrate your Bimstore products and stats into your own internal platform and systems using our powerful v2 API and developer tools.

*If you have more than 100 products get in touch, to discuss a custom hosting package.


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