New and Updated Integrations

Manufacturers now have access to integrations within their admin area.

To make things simpler for our manufacturers, we have combined some existing features of bimstore such as Shelfs and API. In 4.0, we now refer to these as integrations.  We have also added a new functionality for manufacturers in order to give them control of any integrations themselves.

iFrames (previously known as _shelf) can now be configured by manufacturers themselves. You can customise the style of the iFrames yourself in an easy to use editor to match your company brand. You can even add additional iFrames yourself.

We have introduced bimstore Apps that are modular 3rd party integrations. 

For those who want more advanced integrations, you now have access to your manufacturer API, where you can view your API Key and see the developer documentation along with examples.

The biggest change in the manufacturer's integrations area is the introduction of apps. bimstore apps are modular 3rd party integrations with companies that bimstore has partnered with. Any apps that are added to bimstore will appear and you will be able to configure each app and enable/disable each app integration as per your requirements.  Our first app Unifi Connect - a software plugin for specifiers, is already live.

We have partnered with Unifi Connect to push your content into their content management software. This means that your public manufacturer profile information and objects are available to users within the unifi content management platform resulting in more downloads for you, a bimstore manufacturer. 

Of course, we keep your objects in sync, tracking all downloads and views in your insights area.

We will continue to improve ways that your company and 3rd Parties can integrate your bimstore content, whilst you stay in control.

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