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Marshalls is the UK's leading hard landscaping, building and roofing products supplier, supplying some of the most prestigious landmarks since the 1890s. Nick Ashbee is the company’s BIM & Digital Manager, he joined back in 2015 and works in their design team.

The Challenge

Marshalls wanted to improve the way they approached projects, by enhancing the collaboration between parties, saving time and impact on the environment. The implementation of BIM enabled that and improved the support they could provide to architects and specifiers.

The Solution

Marshalls concluded that working with a specialist partner to host their BIM content was the optimum solution. The company also wanted to offer that content through their own company website but not achieve this at the cost of having to duplicate effort. They also wanted to centralise the reporting they got from users’ engagement with their BIM.

BIM can be a confusing area for manufacturers, especially if you are new to it. Sometimes you need a helping hand or a guide to say this is what you should be doing, this is the best route to take... bimstore provided that. - Nick Ashbee, BIM & Digital Manager 

The Progress

The relationship has continued to the present day, with Marshalls remaining impressed by the fantastic service and support they receive. The team at bimstore are focused on ensuring that everything is up to date and providing guidance and support on BIM content, so Marshalls can be confident that they are at the top of their game. They can rely on bimstore to provide them with updates and insight to give them a gauge on where the industry is heading as well as best practice advice for creating content.

The ease of use of the whole platform and the way it works is fantastic. The interaction with the team at bimstore just helps for the whole experience to be seamless. The additional benefits and the relationship we have as partners means that we really don’t feel the need to look at any other provider. - Nick Ashbee, BIM & Digital Manager

The Results

The main benefit that Marshalls has experienced since working with bimstore is being able to create the highest quality BIM content and amplifying its presence online, hosting it on a popular platform and knowing that they can reach hundreds of thousands of architects and specifiers. These users in turn benefit from getting a comprehensive package of data in one object. Marshalls currently sees a 10-15% increase year-over-year in BIM content downloads.

The Future

Marshalls is a forward-thinking organisation on the path to digital transformation. The company believes that BIM has a bright future for them and this is down to two main factors. One is the evolving requirements from specifiers and trying to stay ahead of the game. The other factor is staying up to date with industry standards and ensuring that their BIM content is compliant with all current legislation.

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To find out about how bimstore works with manufacturers to maximise the benefits they get from their BIM content, take a look at this page. More information on Marshalls Plc can be found on their manufacturer profile on bimstore.

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