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According to NBS National BIM Report 71% of respondents want to use manufacturer content!

We are big advocates of manufacturer content here at bimstore, as we’ve previously mentioned, so it comes as no real surprise to us that the recently released NBS National BIM Report 2016 tells us that 71% of respondents want to use manufacturer content.

At bimstore we are proud to support manufacturer BIM content.

bimstore believes that the people who know the most about a given product is the organisation who manufacturers it. A generic specification is just that - generic. It's useful when developing an initial requirement but soon you need to deliver the building performance and you will need accurate information to do this.

As specifiers ourselves, we go all out to make sure our content is right for other specifiers to use. We have acknowledged discussions about having too much information in manufacturer BIM objects and the team have often explained to manufacturers that while they may want every nut and bolt detailed, this is not always relevant to the specifier.

There's more to BIM than ticking the box.

At bimstore the manufacturers we work with are our partners. Our mission is to ensure that their BIM content is distributed, used and ultimately that their products are specified. This is not an easy process and involves teamwork and experience. The content we create is the best in class and is respected by specifiers across the globe.

We know that for some content creators it’s about convincing manufacturers to push out generic content to simply tick the BIM box. While this is a low cost - and in some cases, free - option there are risks associated with this.

Here at bimstore manufacturers are assigned a personal content creator who will work with them to ensure that their products are an accurate representation and will function how the authoring software requires. Manufacturers are involved throughout the process and are able to sign-off at each stage following a working demonstration of the content in practice. Depending on the complexity, it can take from two days to beyond twenty days to create content – this is why bimstore do not offer content creation for free!

One of our biggest priorities is ensuring that our manufacturers’ content is accessed and used. A feature we offer to manufacturers is a bimstore shelf - a ‘shop’ window allowing specifiers to browse products on the manufacturer’s own website which can then be downloaded through the bimstore servers without them leaving the site. This offers manufacturers the ability to display their BIM objects on their own website but allows information to be centrally tracked and analysed by bimstore.

How can bimstore help?

If you want to know more about why BIM is an important topic for product manufacturers, what data should be incorporated within BIM objects and how BIM can be used to your advantage then why not get in touch – we’re always happy to talk about BIM!

About bimstore: bimstore is the UK’s original BIM object library. Developed by specifiers for specifiers, we create and host high quality manufacturer specific BIM content, making it easy to browse and download the world’s best collection of BIM components. If you need any help with BIM content creation then get in touch with the bimstore team today.

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