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The Recoup Pipe HEX Active combines the incredible energy-saving, and carbon-reducing benefits of Recoup’s market-leading Recoup Pipe HEX vertical WWHRS, with a low-power staged pump and innovative, proprietary buffer tank. This new product now allows the highest efficiency WWHRS be applied to ground-floor showers, apartments, or modular bathroom pods with contained services. Scenarios that previously could only use lower-performing horizontal WWHRS systems. The Pipe HEX Active also uniquely opens up the retrofit and adaptation market to WWHRS. Making installation to existing showers easier and less disruptive as all required works can be contained within the shower area.

The Active system can also be applied to the shorter Pipe HEX Rd (1700mm), as the Recoup Pipe HEX Rd Active. A slightly lower efficiency system that can be installed where installation height is restricted below standard.

Features and benefits
  • 2100mm long pipe with installation height of 2347mm
  • Vertical system designed for same level installation with shower trays
  • Low power Sanishower® Flat electrical pump
  • Double walled, patented vertical heat exchanger
  • KIWA validated efficiencies of up to 68.5%
  • First-fix & retrofit friendly design
  • PVC outer pipe reduces weight, cost and is an on site theft deterrent
  • Option of 3 system installation variations
  • No planned maintenance
  • No end user interaction is required, no habit change for use
  • SAP listed on the Product Characteristics Database (PCDB)
  • Legionella control risk assessed
  • Recoup Pipe HEX Rd Active available for reduced install height
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