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Lansdowne - Warm, aged facing brick available in a vibrant range of colours

Known for their hard-wearing capabilities and exceptional long-lasting colours, our Lansdowne Facing Bricks are popular with professionals.

Manufactured with three perforated voids in each brick, the bricks bond to the mortar on both sides, reducing the issue of floating. The product is incredibly strong and durable, being frost-resistant and providing a minimum crushing strength in excess of 22N/ mm2, comfortably exceeding the performance requirements of a standard facing brick.

This elegant facing brick comes in seven attractive colours, ranging from the warm tones of our Autumn Gold, Cottage Red, Heather and Gold shades to the cooler tones of our Charcoal and Burren bricks. We only use the best Iron Oxide pigments to produce the distinctive colours available. The products excellent colour retention properties are demonstrated through completed projects which have been revisited years after installation and still look fantastic.




Lansdowne Facing Brick215x100x65Autumn Gold, Burren, Charcoal, Cottage Red, Heather22 kg CO2/m2


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