Introducing Albion’s New Addition – the EasyLink

Albion Valves are delighted to introduce another new product to the market – the EasyLink!

Perfect for direct mounting to terminal units, this H-Block has a fitted compact PICV with a flow range from 0.008l/s to 0.369l/s. This unit is available with or without a strainer, and has either a left or right-handed configuration. Albion’s 0-10V modulating actuator (ART C23E) can also be added to the PICV for proportional control.

The 40mm centre means it is the perfect choice for installations with limited space and it has been designed to fit directly over a standard drip tray. The EasyLink will also minimise installation and commissioning costs whilst simultaneously allowing for easy flushing and coil isolation.


  • 0°C to +120°C
  • Max pressure – 20 Bar (The valve shall be capable of closing against a maximum differential pressure of 800 kPa (8 bar) with a leakage rate at maximum 0.01% of max rated volumetric flow)
  • Venturi metering station for accurate flow measurement (Venturi signal accuracy +/-5%)
  • Fitted with PT plugs to allow for verifying flow and also measuring:
    • DP across the valve
    • DP across the coil
  • Drain on the flow and return

The PICV has been tested in accordance with the BSRIA document BTS.1 ‘Test Method for Pressure Independent Control Valves’. Test results available upon request.

The EasyLink PICV with and without strainers are now available ex-stock. Other bespoke combinations are available subject to a short lead time.

As with our whole range of hydronic balancing products, these items can be sized by our Projects Team and included within your project’s Technical Submittal.

View the datasheets here:

EasyLink PICV (without strainer)

EasyLink PICV/S (with strainer)

ART C23E (actuator)

View the BIM Component here:


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