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Monitor your Roof

Keep an eye on your flat roof with the BLÜCHER ”Connected Roof”, and be notified of standing water, for instance due to clogged roof drains

It can come to serious problems if standing water on a flat roof seeps through the roof structure and into production, warehouse or other commercial buildings. But with the BLÜCHER ”Connected Roof” concept you will get a warning if there is standing water on the rooftop. This can be caused by the drains on the roof being blocked by fallen leaves, dirt, old building materials, etc.

Experience shows that people rarely enter the large flat roof areas. Access is often difficult if not impossible due to safety precautions. As a result, the water level on the roof can rise without anyone noticing:

-  ”In our experience, there are many buildings where hardly anyone goes on top of the roof unless there is a problem with the roof. In these cases, serious situations may occur if suddenly water seeps through the roof and causes damage to the production facilities or warehouse below”, says Thomas Svan Them, Product Manager with BLÜCHER.

If water gathers on the roof, for instance at a clogged drain, this can impact the durability of the roof. If leakages occur, this can have serious impact on the rest of the building.

Active roof top surveillance

BLÜCHER has developed ”Connected Roof”, a system that communicates an alarm if the roof drainage system is blocked.

The system consists of a number of monitors that send a signal to a gateway. From here the alarm can be shown in a Building Management System (BMS) via SMS or email. Monitors are installed on the roof at each roof drains and have a battery life of more than 10 years.

By combining data the system can detect standing water at one or more drains, and service/repair staff can be called to check the roof to prevent that damage occurs.

Part of the building

Proshop, one of Northern Europe’s biggest online shops within multimedia products, has a huge warehouse. Their new building in Højbjerg near Aarhus in Denmark is meticulously secured against burglary – and this also means that there is no access to the roof. Consequently it is important that the roof of the building can be monitored electronically, thus saving the cost of difficult access to the roof area.  

- ”We are the online shop with the shortest delivery times within our field, and consequently it is very important to ensure that the delivery setup will not be affected. That is why we have wanted to secure the roof areas when building our new warehouse and offices”, says Ivan Jæger Christiansen of Proshop. Ivan continues – ”Most people would tend to neglect the roof, but actually it may be the most important element of the building since it contributes to ensuring that the building is in proper condition. For us at Proshop the securing of our building with Connected Roof when establishing our new headquarters was the ideal solution”.

BLÜCHER, who is well-known for their stainless steel drainage systems for buildings, will be supplying their complete roof drainage system to Proshop. The system can efficiently handle large water volumes, but if for some reason the drains should get clogged, it is important to be notified of this.

Easy to install

The system can be used in all drainage systems – not only the ones from BLÜCHER. The actual monitor is installed at the individual drain and on top of the roof surface. This means that there is no need to make holes in the the roof surface, which has been an important point for BLÜCHER. Because why start out by making holes in something that is meant to be leak tight?


Gert Siekmans / Senior Business Developer, Europe Drains

0031 6531 8969


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