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Connected Roof is Blucher's start to connect drainage devices to the building managemet system. Connected Roof measures the waterlevel and send a warning on deviations, where required Connected Roof can control any heated roofdrain based on real time data. 


This Download Contains the BLÜCHER® Connected Roof system. The system consists out of the following components:

  • Gateway model 900.000.400
  • Monitor model 900.100.400
  • Remote Antenna model 900.900.000

The Gateway, IP30 rated, is the central model, receiving all data from the monitor (max 16), to be placed on the roof in a central cabinet on an accessible place. It can be installed in a central box, however in such a case the remote antenna is recommended to be used, model 900.900.000. The Monitor, IP67 rated, is wireless connected to the Gateway.

Data can be retrieved via a GSM gateway and/or the Building Information System (Modbus protocol).

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