Metsä Wood provided the components for an easily movable office building

The Building D(emountable) is a four-storey office building with the ability to be moved easily moved to a different location.

Dutch architects cepezed specified products from bimstore manufacturers Metsä Wood for the project, which combines a steel structure with wooden elements and a glass façade.

Using Kerto® LVL (laminated veneer lumber) elements made the project more sustainable, and the lightweight elements enabled rapid installation.

“I was impressed by the speed in assembly,” says cepezed founder and architect Jan Pesman.

“The whole stability structure was put together in only three weeks. Kerto LVL elements were practical and really suitable for prefabricated, industrial construction methods.

“We are definitely looking forward using Kerto LVL elements again.”

We are definitely looking forward using Kerto LVL elements again

Using Metsä’s wooden components also allows for the whole process to be reversed, so the structure can be easily dismantled in the future.

“You can also dismantle the building and rebuild it somewhere else. If needed or wanted, you can just move this building wherever you want,” says structural engineer Elise van Westenbrugge-Bilardie from IMd consultative engineers.

Metsä Wood are currently running a Hybrid City Challenge, with a top prize of €10,000. The competition aims to encourage the exploration of new methods conducive efficient and sustainable building. Using Kerto LVL as the main material, entrants must design a solution fit for hybrid construction. 

Head to Metsä Wood's website for more information and find their products on bimstore. 

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