Self Activating Barrier (SAB)

  • Product: Self Activating Barrier ISO
  • Product: Self Activating Barrier ISO
  • Product: Self Activating Barrier ISO
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Leading the world in effective, passive flood defence, The Self Activating Barrier (SAB), is a bespoke, multi-purpose solution designed to help manage flood risk across the globe.

The SAB’s success can be attributed to its’ simple yet ingenious approach to flood defence, using the advancing floodwaters to automatically raise the barrier; effectively using the problem to create a highly effective solution. As well as activating automatically, the SAB DAM can also be activated by the means of an inflatable airbag remotely operated by a push switch or telemetry system. The DAM allows the end user to have full control over the barrier, enabling deployment in any situation, from pre-empting a storm to routine maintenance checks.

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