Salamandre® Distribution Trunking - IP55

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Salamandre distribution trunking sets the standard for fitting speed. With its unique pre-fitted coupling system, integrated shake-proof screws and a clip-on lid, fitting times can be 50% quicker than any alternative, at least. Together with a smooth safety edge for easier handling, the extensive Salamandre range is the ideal fit for anyone focused on reducing installation times.

The innovative design of Salamandre has led not only to real time, demonstrable savings for installers and contractors, but also to a significantly reduced total installed cost. Save time on site, save money on labour costs.

This download includes the complete IP55 Salamandre® Distribution Trunking System.

Please reference the user guide and guidance notes include in the download as how to use the Salamandre Distribution Trunking System components.

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Accompanying literature

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