Timber-based pavilion used to display sustainable projects

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Timber is the “concrete of the future”, according to the designers behind a wooden pavilion at Dutch Design Week.

Biobasecamp was designed by the Marco Vermeulen studio and use as an exhibition space which brought together timber-based projects designed with the aim of fighting climate change.

Timber specialists Derix constructed the pavilion, which was shaped as a five-pronged star with squared corners.

By building with wood, CO2 is actually extracted from the atmosphere

"Normally you build something and then someone else has to add all the pipes, the cabling, and doors, etc." said Marco Vermeulen

"Here it is all prefabricated, which speeds up the building process enormously.

 "By building with wood, CO2 is actually extracted from the atmosphere.

 "In contrast to, for example, costly storage under the North Sea (CCS), this form of CO2 storage creates value in the form of buildings.”

The roof deck was able to double as a viewing deck and gathering area thanks to a staircase from the ground level. Trees along the motorway between Den Bosch and Eindhoven had to be cleared from the edge of the road due to safety reasons, they were then used as supporting pillars to hold up the top deck of Biobasecamp.

The pavilion is also re-usable and will be deconstructed before being re-used at the Floriade horticultural show in Amsterdam in 2022.  

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