Remote CPD from Spirax Sarco

bimstore manufacturer, Spirax Sarco told us the value of CPD and how they can still go ahead whilst working from home.

 How can Spirax Sarco help me with my CPD while I am working remotely?

It’s a reasonable question, and one that we have heard from a number of Design & Specification Engineers recently.

Continuous Professional Development - or ‘CPD’ Presentations need little introduction: Whichever professional organisation you may be working towards – or already affiliated to, a topical and well-presented CPD has always allowed the manufacturer of any solution to pass on their industry experience and education in exchange for the opportunity to meet new and existing contacts.

The traditional CPD presented over a working lunch hour has stood the test of time and works well as a mutually beneficial way to foster the growth of knowledge in a no-pressure environment.

Since the shift towards remote working was announced by most European organisations, this has understandably put an end to many non-essential visitors being welcomed to places of work and as such, an end to the traditional ‘lunch & learn’. In the current situation, so much falls outside of our control, from where we can go to who we can see - but our ongoing learning and development is one thing that we can control!

What if you have been furloughed, at home and unable to work? Well, given that a CPD presentation is classed as development (and therefore training, as opposed to work) – this presents an opportunity for growth – especially when reaching your target CPD hours per year is still a requirement imposed by your various professional organisations: Take control of your development.

With many more Engineers working from home and having realised a new appetite for more flexible working hours other than the traditional lunch & learn – this situation has provided an excellent opportunity to further embrace technology for communications.

The wide use of webinars now means that certified CPD presentations are more widely accessible than they were before the Covid lockdown, where engineers can engage with a series of bite-sized certified topics to increase their understanding of steam systems.

In addition to the traditional ‘lunch & learn’, Spirax Sarco offer a series of certified CPD presentations that are now available virtually - both as a webinar or across ‘Microsoft Teams’ and cover a variety of topics ranging from a basic introduction to the steam & condensate loop, to steam trapping, to steam heat exchange.

Why not take back control of your learning and development in these uncertain times and contact Spirax Sarco today to find how we can help you. Daniel Wells National Consultant Specialist: Phone +44 (0) 7787 882948 or email

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