Metsa Wood complete construction at Finnish Embassy

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Metsa Wood have constructed a pavilion on the grounds of Tokyo’s Finnish embassy.

The structure was built with prefabricated wood elements made from Kerto LVL, a laminated veneer lumber produced by Metsa. The products were produced in Finland at the Timberpoinjt element factory.

“Trusting wood, and what can be done with it, is moving wood construction forward. This calls for collaboration with builders, architects, material producers and element factories,” explains Marko Suonpää, co-owner of Timberpoint.

Trusting wood, and what can be done with it, is moving wood construction forward

The factory played a part in the process since the planning stage, meaning that there was a high level of collaboration across the Metsa Pavillion operation and therefore a high level of productivity. The manufacturing process for all of the products took only seven weeks.

“We didn’t really use any new or innovative techniques: we worked with what we already knew,” says Jussi Björman, Director of Technical Customer Service at Metsä Wood.

 “You could actually build apartment buildings using similar techniques.

“What was new, however, was the better use of element production expertise: Marko Suonpää and other professionals from Timberpoint were in touch with the Pavilion’s structural designer Lasse Hietanen from AINS Group from the very beginning of the project.”

To find out more about the project, visit the Metsa Wood website.

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