Manufacturer? 5 reasons to consider BIM

We live in an era of data and BIM is a part of it.

It is important not to be left behind when getting on board with BIM. Many manufacturers in your sector are probably already sharing their digital objects with architects, engineers and designers alike.

Here we look at five reasons why manufacturers should consider BIM.

1. Architects require digital product information

Architects, designers and contractors require digital product information when designing and handing over buildings to clients, therefore, delivering product data in BIM format increases the chances of being specified on a project.

2. If information is easy to find it increases the chances of being specified

Design teams that know about the data regarding a product and also have the geometry are more likely to specify them as they do not have to waste any time sourcing the correct information. The same is applied for construction teams undergoing procurement. If data and information about products is easy to find then teams can match the product towards the specifications and requirements they have to comply with, ultimately letting them make an informed decision.

3. All of the supply chain can access the correct information efficiently and timely

Information is a fundamental of BIM and the characteristics of a building are dependent on the characteristics of the products that are installed inside them. As the most credible data source, manufacturers who embed this information into digital products allow everyone in the construction supply chain to access the correct product information in an efficient and timely manner.

4. Opportunity to expand

BIM authoring software such as Autodesk Revit and Graphisoft ArchCAD already have BIM objects built-in to them, however, designers want to realise their design intent and use content that they can trust. BIM can offer manufacturers the opportunity to expand and by using manufacturer-created objects, designers can be confident that the information is most up to date.

5. Gets manufacturers in front of decision-makers

Having BIM objects allows for differentiation of product as well as getting the manufacturer in front of the decision-makers. Presenting this information at the right time also correlates to fewer queries from designers. There is also the potential for increasing maintenance and spare part sales.

A new generation of specifier is emerging thanks to BIM as they gain access to information at a certain point in time when they require it most. Specifications were traditionally carried out by a specification expert but within a BIM workflow, specifications are considered at an earlier stage meaning it is imperative for designers and specifiers to access product information that will inform their decisions.

Join bimstore and start providing designers with your digital products as well as all of the relevant information. Our hundreds of thousands of specifiers are waiting to specify your products, today.

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