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bimstore offers access to qualified inbound leads for low investment with high returns by pushing your products in front of hundreds of thousands of architects, designers and engineers who are already searching for products like yours whilst ensuring accurate and up-to-date distribution of your product data.

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About bimstore

  • bimstore is a cloud-based platform where you can host your product information, confident that it is accurate and up to date.
  • Allow specifiers to download your digital objects providing you with the necessary details for you to generate qualified leads.
  • Your digital products are embedded in Building Information Models (BIM) through the design process, increasing specification whilst reducing the potential for product substitution.

Return on investment

By distributing content through bimstore you will increase specification by providing easier access to your digital components during design. Our platform helps to generate qualified email leads for everyone accessing your content with an average cost per lead of £0.40.

"Wiesner-Hager have 7 of our best sellers on the platform which has been successful with plenty of views and downloads across many geographical locations. With insights and analytics, there is an ROI that you can actually see."

- Michael Lambrianos, UK M.D. Wiesner-Hager.


12-month marketing campaign


Sponsor products, logo and articles

Feature your products at the top of search results and keep your audience up to date with company news. Even sponsor your company's logo so it features in a prime location on the bimstore homepage.


Exposure on our social channels

We want to make as much noise around your content as possible. When new content goes live we will post about it on our social channels.


Run a digital magazine takeover

We send a digital magazine to thousands of subscribers at the end of each month rounding up what we have been up to, including any industry-relevant information. We can include your company’s logo and a description, as well as any relevant press release or story.

Content creation

Not all BIM-ready objects are born equal. We pride ourselves on the creation of full, content-rich BIM objects. Through our highly skilled and dedicated team, we are able to create the necessary BIM objects to get the most out of your hosting. We can use existing models and bring them to a higher standard or produce them from scratch.



Join some of the world’s largest manufacturers and brands are on bimstore. Our plans are transparent and we have a package to suit all manufacturers from small to large. Contact us to discuss what options are available.

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