How North East England-based SPACE Architects use bimstore to help them deliver CONSISTENT and QUALITY building projects

Who are SPACE Architects? 

Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, SPACE Architects are an architectural practice founded on a commitment to social responsibility, designing buildings that provide innovative approaches to challenges facing society. They believe every environment they create should have an impact that helps stimulate opportunities and bring about improvements to the wider world and society around it in many ways. SPACE (SPACE Architects) use bimstore and Node to establish a central library of knowledge and do so to optimise design and modelling capabilities whilst enhancing their efficiency and output.

What is Node?

Node can be used by companies to assist in their information management and SPACE utilise it to help them deliver consistent and quality buildings. 

Node features as a central location for all of the latest BIM resources and forums for sharing information amongst the whole team.

Built upon the same technology that is used to power bimstore, Node enables SPACE to host all of the latest BIM components and the latest resources relating to their day-to-day activities. They can upload news and join in debates on forums to share knowledge in areas such as innovation and technology to ensure all the team are kept up to date with best business practice and speeding up their workflow. The SPACE Node has also been branded using SPACE Architects colourways in order to ensure brand consistency and identity.

How do SPACE use Node? 

SPACE hosts weekly presentations and design reviews for their employees and Node allows them to keep everyone in the loop so they never miss a session. Node uses the same interface as bimstore and as the platform is already widely used amongst architects and specifiers around the world, it provides a familiar platform for their team to navigate. Specifically utilising sections such as a product browser, category browser, forum and resources section. 

On top of that, users have access to the CMS and insights page in the backend of the site meaning they can keep track of who is downloading certain BIM objects and how many times objects are being viewed. There is also the ability to create campaign pages with a unique URL if they require a page to design something ad-hoc and more bespoke. 

Liam Barnes, Associate Architectural Technologist at SPACE, said: “As well as hosting all of our BIM components, Node functions as a central location for all of the latest BIM resources and forums for sharing information amongst the whole team – even more important given the need for the team to work remotely throughout the course of the pandemic and once we switch to hybrid working. The SPACE Node continues to grow as SPACE Architects develop new content and technologies, in collaboration with bimstore.”

Interested in utilising bimstore Node? 

Node is a fully self-managed private content library (not just BIM) and is suitable for many different professions such as architects, designers and engineers. Interested in having your own Node? To learn more, click here.

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