Generate leads through BIM

Lead generation from traditional methods of advertising are often complicated to find, and then even more so, challenging to truly measure their quality and the original source.

The marketing teams at many established, national and international manufacturers are often inundated with different platform offerings and sales pitches from trade magazines offering full-page adverts and advertorials, from “award-winning” and “Google-partnered” SEO/SEA agencies offering page one, position one of search engines for various keywords, and from various trade shows organisers who have the most perfectly positioned corner stand location which runs along the two busiest walkways at the “most popular [insert product type] trade show 1997”.

Generating leads and new business?

We are not saying that these methods do not work – there is a reason they have been around so long. We too have had success advertising in various magazines and have participated in trade shows. We work with a PPC/SEA agency that expands our reach to manufacturers searching for a unique solution like ours. However, just like many other businesses, we must acknowledge the difficulties in measuring the success of these campaigns. Do they generate leads and new business? And how do we measure return on investment?

In the same way search engine advertising targets specific keywords designed to target your audience, bimstore confidently places you in front of people looking for products just like yours. We skip much of the noise when competing for attention online and place digital representations of your products online - with all of its associated technical information, ready to be specified in an architect’s next project.

Let your product do the talking. Increase your chances of being specified by being part of a library that is used by over a quarter of a million specifiers already searching for a product like yours.

How do I generate leads through BIM?

Every time your product’s BIM object is downloaded and used, your bimstore account is prompted and updated with the user's contact information. We treat this as a stronger lead than someone emailing you and asking for a product brochure or more information. This information is usually sought for at the beginning of a buying journey – at the stage of downloading your BIM object, the provisional decision has already been made.

Marketing your construction products

Furthermore, you may agree that there is a need to grow product awareness especially for innovative or new products and simply adding it to a search engine might not be enough if prospects do not know what they are searching for. This is when you may consider publishing an advert in a relevant magazine or running an expensive all-inclusive marketing campaign. However, this may well be unnecessary – bimstore is not just a place to host your BIM objects as each bimstore subscription includes a range of additional benefits to help you further your reach.

bimstore has grown to support all your marketing efforts. In addition to hosting your BIM objects, it offers a place to share your news, announce new products and grow your brand.

Educate a new audience by sending us news articles to post on our Resources section, feature in our email magazine which has over 40,000 subscribers and receive support when launching new products. Supplement your other marketing efforts by focusing on a particular product you want to push and bring it to the top of a prospect's search, choose to place your logo on the homepage of bimstore – ensuring a huge brand reach – with the ability to target your audience by profession, city or country.

bimstore is recommended by 9 out of 10 manufacturers after seeing an increase in specification, views and downloads of their BIM objects.

I want to improve my lead generation

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Generate leads through BIM

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Lead generation from traditional methods of advertising are often complicated to find, and then even more so, challenging to truly measure their quality and the original source.