Ensuring that your products are suitable for specification

The revelation that hundreds of high-rise buildings all around the UK are covered in similar external wall materials that were used on Grenfell Tower is worrying, not only for the residents who live there but for all parties involved in the construction process. 

The Building Safety Bill aims to set regulatory regimes for such buildings that reside at over 18 metres high and can be referred to as ‘high risk’.

There will also be new roles created such as a Building Safety Regulator, an Accountable Person and a Building Safety Manager to oversee certain aspects of construction and make sure that all statutory obligations placed on them are met.  

The onus has been placed firmly onto manufacturers to ensure that their products are suitable for specification after the Grenfell inquiry found that the marketing material relating to the polyethylene cladding was in fact incorrect and fire tests had repeatedly been failed for many years.

What role can bimstore play?

bimstore only uploads high-quality BIM content that is approved by manufacturers. We believe in the power of data and that is why when you download an object from bimstore, you also have access to all of the relevant product information such as technical datasheets, product certificates, installation guides and maintenance information.

Many other BIM libraries do not offer this capability when means specifiers have to spend time researching the product they wish to specify, and this can be detrimental to a company’s chances of being specified.

By giving specifiers the information in the format they require and when they need it most, manufacturers have a greater chance of being specified on projects as all of the associated data is easily accessible.

bimstore is recommended by 9 out of 10 manufacturers after seeing an increase in specification, views and downloads of their BIM objects.

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