Egger: Make A Splash With Aqua+

The latest range of laminate flooring from Egger is making a splash in the market!

The PRO Laminate Aqua+ range is part of the Egger Pro Flooring 2018 -2020 collection. All products are water-resistant and feature the latest technology, making them perfectly suited to bathrooms, restaurants, kitchens and bars.

The products are available in 18 different decors including woodgrain and ceramic decors and two board formats; classic and kingsize.

As the only laminate board on the market that can be steam cleaned, the PRO Laminate Aqua+ has the additional benefit of being more cost-effective than glued and grated ceramic tiles.

Thanks to the products’ specially designed high-density fibre core board, the boards are up to five times more resistant to water swelling than a standard laminate.

The products are installed using UNIfit!, Egger’s glue-less system which is 40% faster than other systems. Using the UNIfit system means that no tools are required and multiple installers can work in the same room at the same time. As well as saving you time and money, this systems also has a sturdy connection and is easy to install around doors, pipes and radiators. 

All of the Aqua+ decors come with a lifetime warranty which covers domestic use for 30 years and commercial use for five years.

Find Egger products on bimstore.

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