Crable Case Study: QE Gateshead Hospital

Hygenic Wireless Charging Shelves

Recently, Crable reached an exciting milestone with its first batch of NHS charging shelves being installed in the QE Gateshead hospital.  The perfect fit for a healthcare environment these clean, contact-free and compliant charging shelves allow key workers, visitors and patients to stay connected when they need it most.

Crables remove the need for individual charging equipment by providing an accessible solution for phones, tablets and other portable appliances - one less thing to worry about during what can be a stressful time.  With Crable’s 15w wireless charging, patients and visitors alike can benefit from super-fast charge: up to 3 times faster than a USB or other wireless chargers on the market.

These robust chargers are British designed and manufactured.  Made using the toughest of plastics, Crables are proven to cope with high usage and can provide charging options for up to 8 appliances at once.

Tested and approved to international standards, these wireless chargers are flame-retardant and designed to be wall-mounted, removing trip hazards and unnecessary clutter.  Crables can withstand cleaning with commercial disinfectants and other hygiene products without scratching or deteriorating.   Quicker to disinfect than traditional USB chargers, Crables enable healthcare providers to maintain high standards of cleanliness where it really matters.

With patented functionality and registered design, Crables are the market leaders in providing charging solutions in clinical settings, fitting seamlessly into hectic healthcare environments as well as other public outlets such as restaurants, cafes, waiting rooms, railway stations and schools. Crable is committed to no data capture, meaning user confidentiality is guaranteed at all times.

Choose from over 300 colours and a variety of components including wireless chargers, international sockets, USB ports, LEDs and bespoke branding options to create the perfect Crable for your environment that increases connectivity and the patient experience.

Want to find out more about Crable?  Head over to their website, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. Or alternatively, check out Crable’s Manufacturer Profile and BIM product range here on bimstore!

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