Chilean cabins constructed for sustainable living

A kit of self-sustaining, off-grid cabins have been constructed in Frutillar, Chile.

Named ‘Zerocabin,’ the timber cabins were developed by a team of scientists without any previous architectural experience or training.

10% of our utility is invested in plans to preserve native forests and wildlife.

The team behind the cabins said:

 “The Zerocabin is zero impact, it is a perfect symbiosis between you and nature. We build it wherever you want, we just leave a path, we don’t use a boom truck. 10% of our utility is invested in plans to preserve native forests and wildlife.”

The Zerocabin team offers a kit of parts designed to exist completely off-grid within any setting. The cabins are then built by the teams, who also provide a maintenance plan for the buildings’ integrated systems including photovoltaic panels, grey- and blackwater treatment, and rainwater collection purified by reverse osmosis.

Each of the cabins is placed at an angle conducive to the best possible exposure to the sun, leading to the most efficient use of solar panels for the on-site generation of energy.

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