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Symphony was founded in 1971 and is the UK’s largest privately owned manufacturer of fitted kitchen, fitted bedroom and fitted bathroom furniture. Robert Newton is the Head of Marketing for the business, joining the company back in 2010.

The Challenge

There were two main challenges facing Symphony before they got started with BIM. 

The first was that in the early days, the company knew that BIM was on its way and would play a big part in the new build housing market. The other challenge was getting the message on their sustainability credentials across to their customers as that was, and continues to be, an important focus for the company.

The Solution

Symphony attended an event that bimstore were hosting and started having conversations about how the platform could benefit them. The company was impressed by the ease of use and ease of process to getting started. They needed their catalogue of products created in BIM and then hosted on a public platform that attracted the sort of users and specifiers they wanted to get in front of.

We wanted to make the ways of working with our architect audience as smooth and efficient as possible. Giving them access to the core products in our range as BIM objects enables them to design a kitchen – and then we work together on the finer details and variances to achieve an optimal end result. It’s a process that just works. Partnering with bimstore was a no-brainer really. - Robert Newton, Head of Marketing

The Progress

Symphony is now in a place where they can demonstrate to their customers and architects that they have the best-in-class BIM objects available for them to use. It has become a firmly established channel for the company, both via the bimstore platform and their own website.

The Results

During the time Symphony has hosted their BIM objects with bimstore, the company has seen an average of 3,000 product views each month and have had users in 178 countries around the world download their content.

Having BIM objects available has meant we can support our customers in giving them the information they need. We receive fewer product information requests because the BIM content is doing that part for us, which is great for the sales and marketing teams!

The Future

Symphony plans to build on the success that they have got from their BIM content and working with bimstore. One of the focus areas will be their sustainability credentials and how bimstore can help them communicate that more to their target audiences going forward, both through marketing efforts and the technical data that is contained within the BIM files.

Read the full version of the case study here.


To find out about how bimstore works with manufacturers to maximise the benefits they get from their BIM content, take a look at this page. More information on Symphony Group can be found on their manufacturer profile on bimstore.

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