BLÜCHER launch new trendsetting shower channel

BLÜCHER’s Art Deco shower channel revolutionises design, functionality, and installation.

This is the result of the Danish manufacturers meticulous care and innovation. The aptly named Art Deco Shower Channel takes us back to the time of pressed steel sinks but by no means forgetting the era we find ourselves in today with its stringent and timeless design. This channel doesn’t just look good, it really is good.

This is a new way of thinking         well-known design principles

Michael Kyhn Rasmussen, Technical Product Manager at BLÜCHER said: “We have succeeded in designing an aesthetical solution that will definitely appeal to many people.

“This is a new way of thinking well-known design principles, particularly functionality and minimalism, into something that we use every day.”

The Art Deco Shower Channel applies a technique and expression traditionally reserved for pressed stainless-steel sinks. By adding a minimalistic and industrial design, whilst re-thinking the products efficiency, BLÜCHER has succeeded in introducing a new product to the market.

Now, there’s no need to lift a long grating from the floor to clean. The Art Deco has a small cover which can be easily removed and rinsed under the tap, making the channel clean and ready for use again.

”We are proud to have taken this big step forward. There are improvements on all fronts: a strong aesthetically pleasing design with an entirely new expression, ease of use, and installation made considerably more simple”, added Keld Kromann, BLÜCHER Sales Consultant.

To install the Art Deco Shower Channel, all you need to know is the desired height of your flooring and the wall flange can be fixed at the desired height – it’s that simple. When the outlet pipe has been fitted, cast concrete up to the flange and once the lower part is cast into the floor the rectangular pressed stainless-steel plate can be installed and adjusted in height to match water proofing and tiling.

After this, finish the joints around the channel to secure it into the floor. The height of the channel has been designed to ensure that water from the wall will not run into the joint along the wall but instead onto the pressed stainless steel.

BLÜCHER’s Art Deco Shower Channel is available on bimstore now. Head over to their manufacturer page or website to find out more.

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