Blauberg: Building strong relationships with an unfaultable service

Blauberg Group produces and sells hi-tech, energy-efficient ventilation equipment. As one of the world's largest independent ventilation manufacturers, Blauberg Group employs more than 3500 employees across seven countries, with R&D facilities and central testing laboratories in Germany (Munich), Poland (Poznan) and Ukraine (Kyiv). 

Part of this worldwide group, Blauberg UK serves the UK ventilation market with both traditional and innovative products. 

Their comprehensive selection includes commercial, industrial, and residential ventilation solutions as well as an extensive range of Heat Recovery Products.

Blauberg UK utilises the class leading technology to enhance its services and provide innovative product solutions. Blauberg's quality German products, paired with creative, friendly experts, result in what many customers call an "unfaultable service." 

Blauberg's approach is simple yet effective. Build solid relationships and remain responsive to client needs. 

Blauberg UK puts customer satisfaction and their people first, with teams that listen carefully, remain honest in their expectations, and communicate product performance fairly and justly.

Many of Blauberg's products are ideal for large public or commercial premises with space saver units and creative attachment mechanisms. Their products can be integrated into homes, workplaces, schools, health care facilities and car parks as standard. Blauberg products are accurately pretested at the factory before being tested by multiple International Technical Authorities. Highlighting the trust they have in the longevity of their products, Blauberg UK's reliable solutions each have lengthy warranties to reassure customers further.

Ventilation becomes affordable, and installation is quick and easy with Blauberg UK. Their products improve air quality while helping homeowners and commercial property owners reduce heating costs and carbon impact. Thanks to integrated moisture, CO2, Particulate and VOC Sensors Blauberg products have the power to prevent mould and reduce air born pollution.  

With Ventilation Design Packages and their state-of-the-art products, Blauberg UK helps customers ensure their rooms remain appropriately ventilated at all times. Placing the power of ventilation back into their customer's hands, users can control Blauberg's products via apps, Cloud based software and various Smart controllers.

Blauberg UK also offers a selection of courses suitable for DIYers, installers and specifiers. DIYers can sign up for modules covering topics in the areas of design, installation, and maintenance. Installers can choose the BPEC accredited Part F compliant Installer Course, leading to Blauberg Approved Installer Status, whilst Specifiers can access a range of Free CPD accredited topics.

Whether you are looking for an individual product, an installation, a service manual, or some simple guidance, Blauberg UK teams are happy to help you find what you are looking for. 

Want to find out more about Baluberg Uk? Head over to their websiteLinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to discover more.

Alternatively, check out their Manufacturer Profile and BIM product range right here on bimstore! 

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