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Introducing the Autumn edition of BIMCRUNCH! With a variety of captivating articles that are sure to pique your interest, this is the perfect read to enjoy with your preferred hot beverage as the days get colder. This edition features an introductory piece on one of the newest manufacturers on bimstore, Reid Lifting, as well as the hedgehog highway - a product to watch from another emerging manufacturer, Timloc. You'll find a range of interesting articles to explore, from EPDs to incandescent bulbs. Learn more about Ideal Heating's latest pressure jet boiler range and the benefits of push-fit fittings from RWC's JG Speedfit. Plus, get to know our latest international team members, Tyrone and Michael, who join us from Australia and America. And for those looking to get to grips with the complex terminology and many acronyms of the industry, our helpful BIM glossary is here to round it all up. BIMCRUNCH is a great way to stay up-to-date with our valued manufacturers and the wider bimstore community.

BIMCRUNCH is a great way to stay up-to-date with our valued manufacturers and the wider bimstore community.

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Glidevale Protect Provides New Solutions for Solar Roofs

Posted 23.11.2023

Glidevale Protect has launched a range of membrane and ventilation products for use on all cold and warm-pitched roofs where in-roof solar PV panels are being installed. Protect A1 Solar is a new addition to the range, offering unrestricted use in wind uplift zones 1-5. The new BIM version of Protect A1 Solar is now available on bimstore to download.

Recapping _shift 2023: Empowering change-makers in construction

Posted 17.11.2023

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Held on November 9th, our _shift conference focused on discussing strategies for decarbonising the built environment and beyond. The conference had an impressive lineup of speakers and panelists, which included well-known environmentalist Jonathon Porritt CBE and Gabe Davies from Patagonia, among others. The conference provided a unique platform for key players and industry leaders from across the industry to come together, share their perspectives, and discuss important issues.

A Comprehensive BIM Glossary for Manufacturers and Specifiers

Posted 23.10.2023

Are you looking for a comprehensive glossary of BIM terms? Look no further! The BIM Glossary for Manufacturers and Specifiers is here to help you understand the world of Building Information Modelling. Access this invaluable resource and elevate your BIM knowledge today!