Autodesk and CIOB map the digital construction journey

To ensure that companies can identify their position on the digital journey, a very helpful new infographic has been created by Autodesk and the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB).

It does not matter whether you are just getting started or whether you have hit a roadblock. Embracing digital construction is a game changer and can be of great importance when helping a business to achieve its goals.

Some of the benefits include increased project quality, productivity, true understanding of the project as well as reduced costs.

David Philp, who is the trustee and policy board chair at the CIOB explained that the reasoning behind the development is because “digital construction is set to transform the sector” and that “construction is developing a new conversation with applied technologies”. He spoke about the need to “seize the opportunity” as creating a proportionate journey plan can be extremely challenging.

The infographic intends to help businesses navigate their digital pathway and support better outcomes. There is a chance to complete a short survey on a company’s own digital construction journey with the option to receive a summary of the findings, in turn, allowing for a benchmarking exercise where companies can see where they stand amongst others in the sector. This will help them when deciding their next steps as well as considering their future direction.

To access the infographic, click the link below:

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