Are your marketing leads costing too much?

For our bimstore manufacturers, new leads are essential to their business.

Attracting a steady flow of leads is critical to continuous growth.  When it comes to generating online leads, we know it’s critical that effort is invested wisely.

As you would imagine, the average cost per B2B lead can vary greatly depending on the industry, the target customer, and the competition. 

The premise of bimstore is that by making digital specification content accessible, a manufacturer’s product will provide a good quality marketing lead which can be converted into a sales lead.

The traditional marketing lead is berated by advertising or social media. Often the challenge here is that it is difficult to quantify return on investment which is all-important when agreeing budgets. Another approach is to purchase data, which can be expensive and time consuming and there’s still the challenge of working through a list to find sales leads.

The bimstore approach is to offer value to specifiers by providing them with quality information for their project. This not only ensures proprietary manufacturer information but also saves them time in having to create the content themselves.

With the contact details of the specifier available through bimstore, the manufacturer is provided with a qualified lead.

The average cost of acquisition of a B2B lead in the manufacturing sector is £110. To be able to demonstrate return on investment, bimstore needs to generate 22 leads per annum. Typically, our manufacturers achieve far more than this.

Over recent years, marketing has evolved beyond expensive printed materials, libraries and trade shows where ROI is difficult to track. Today, SEO and platforms such as bimstore make ROI far more measurable.

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