Albion Valves join bimstore!

Originally established in Barnsley three decades ago as Albion Distribution Ltd, the business have grown from a team of five to over 40 in that time as well as changing name to Albion Valves.

Albion Valves are now renowned for their high quality products and excellent customer service as well as their loyal, highly-skilled workforce.

The business boasts a range of over 5000 lines of commercial valves, suitable for applications predominantly within the building services, process, hydraulic, pneumatic and water industries, which are available to users exclusively from their distribution network.

Starting this year, Albion Valves are including BIM as a key part of their strategy. The company believe that, by hosting their BIM components on bimstore, they can help specifiers to improve productivity, reduce waste and reduce costs - not only through the construction phase but for the lifetime of a build. 

Albion Valves also pointed to BIM’s benefits to the maintenance of buildings, such as improved awareness of asset locations, especially when it comes to valves and pipework, that are likely to be hidden and not always easily accessible. 

The asset data allows engineers to determine whether replacement valves are fit for purpose, which will ultimately reduce downtime. 

Albion’s BIM components are now available to download from bimstore and also from their bimshelf.

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