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The Trief GST2A kerb is a passive safety system, designed to contain and re-direct vehicles safely back onto carriageways thanks to its size and unique shape – delivering high levels of vehicle and passenger protection. Typically supplied in a smooth concrete finish, it’s also available in a rough ‘washed’ finish or in natural granite. 

Being the only containment kerb on the market to have acheived BS EN 1317 N1 compliance Trief can contain and redirect a 1500kg vehicle traveling at 50mph at an impact angle of 20 degrees. The independent testing also concluded that Trief GST2A acheived an 'A' rating for impact severity level (out of A, B & C)meaning that it afforded the greatest level of safety for the occupants of the errant vehicle than the other two classifications.

The range

  • Standard kerbs
  • Short and Half Kerbs
  • Radii and Quadrants
  • Transition units and Ramp sets
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