Thermofol Inverted Roof (Loose Ballasted)

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The Thermofol PVC System has a high-grade virgin polymer formulation with superior fire retardants that is suitable for either new build or refurbishment projects. The PVC formulation ensures it is resistant to chemicals and micro-organism attack making it suitable for green roof situations. The system meets current UK Building Regulations Part B for External Fire Protection.

Thermofol PVC, when in an inverted roof construction, is a single layer of waterproofing membrane primarily installed on concrete decks. The anchoring ballast should achieve a permanent minimum load to ensure the insulation is sufficiently anchored in high winds or heavy rainfall.

This BIM Object must be supported by a project specific specification from Bauder, incorporating system build-up, detail design and performance calculations if a full Bauder system warranty is required. Please contact your local Bauder Representative or

This download includes The Thermofol Inverted Roof (Loose Ballasted)

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