S5 Solar Roof Panel

  • Product: S5 Solar Roof Panel
  • Product: S5 Solar Roof Panel
  • Product: S5 Solar Roof Panel
  • Product: S5 Solar Roof Panel
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With the special clamp system of S5 Solar Roof Panel, the solar panels can be mounted directly without drilling the
sandwich panel surface. In this way, the risks of corrosion and waterproofing caused by screw holes in the structures
are eliminated, thus protecting the structural integrity of the roofs and extending the life of the building. One of
the biggest advantages is that it can be assembled quickly thanks to the panel combination with lateral overlap.
It ensures safe passage of wide openings with its indented form. It has a structure compatible with 60 and 72 cell
photovoltaic modules with its special indented form.

Product Application
• Industrial Buildings
• Military Buildings
• Public Buildings
• Agricultural Buildings
• Sports Facilities
• Construction Site Buildings
• Silos
• Hypermarkets
• Shopping Centers
• Storehouse Halls
• Administrative Buildings and all other concrete structures with steel or prefabricated load bearing systems.

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