Protect BarriAir air barrier and vapour control layer

  • Product: Protect BarriAir air barrier and vapour control layer
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Protect BarriAir with integrated lap and sealing tapes is a high performance, multi-purpose and coated non-woven membrane which forms a highly effective air leakage barrier with vapour control qualities. Installed on the warm side of the structure immediately adjacent to the insulation, BarriAir can be used on walls and ceilings to significantly reduce air leakage in any construction, helping to meet Building Regulations and airtightness requirements. The product features a printed grid for simple alignment with timber studs or joists.

Features & benefits

  • Suitable for timber frame, pre-cast concrete and traditional brick and block construction.
  • Provides an airtight system when installed with sealed laps.
  • Dramatically reduces heat loss through the building fabric.
  • Improves the thermal performance of all insulants by reducing convection flows.
  • Tough, durable with high tear resistance.
  • Easy to cut and lightweight to handle in 1.5 x 50m rolls (with integrated tape).
  • Provides support to mineral wool and rock fibre when fixed to timber frame studs or rafters.
  • Helps to avoid interstitial condensation risk within insulation in accordance with BS 5250.
  • Integral sealing tapes on joints of 1.5m wide product.
  • 3m wide option available without integrated tape, ideal for factory fitting.
  • Ideal for Passivhaus projects.
  • Separate Protect sealing tapes also available.
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