Protect A1® Solar underlay

  • Protect A1® Solar underlay
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Protect A1® is a high performance, heavy-duty type HR roofing underlay designed to be used with Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels for all cold and warm pitched roofs, developed to overcome the disadvantages of traditional Type 1F, 5U felts and plastic sheet materials and is used in conjunction with high and low level ventilation. Providing a secondary line of defence against wind driven rain and snow, Protect A1® offers unrestricted use for wind uplift.

Features & benefits

  • No need to install additional counter battens above the membrane, reducing time and material costs.
  • Ideal membrane solution to support the growth of in-roof solar PV on new build and refurbishment, as detailed in Building Regulations Part L 2021 and the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP).
  • Used in conjunction with high and low level ventilation, Protect A1 Solar can help you meet BS 5250 ventilation requirements.
  • Completely water and airtight.
  • Excellent nail tear and tensile strength.
  • UV & heat resistant.
  • Easy to cut and handle.
  • Absorbent under-surface prevents condensate drip-off.
  • Produced in the UK.
  • BM TRADA independently
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