PIV Air Source

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Beyond traditional input ventilation, the PIV Air Source unit has the facility to source cooler air from outside the building when the temperature in the loft space rises above 25°C. Detecting the rise in temperature, the unit starts to draw air from atmosphere via a temperature controlled diverter mechanism.

This not only provides efficient perception cooling into the property during warmer weather, but also maintains the required level of ventilation continuously throughout the year. This facility is greatly beneficial for properties affected by high levels of radon gas emissions.

Key Features

  • App Enabled (Greater control of your ventilation with the myenvirovent app.)
  • Prevents Mould (Ensures relative humidity remains constant, preventing mould growth.)
  • Benefits Asthma Sufferer (Improves air quality and reduces asthma triggers.)
  • Low Running Costs (An ultra-low watt motor ensures minimum energy consumption.)
  • X Year Warranty (High quality products for peace of mind, saving time, money and hassle.)
  • Energy Efficient (Delivering up to X% thermal efficiency.)
  • Frost Protection (An intelligent frost protection system prevents the heat exchange from freezing when cold outside.)
  • Intellitrac® Technology (Incorporates Intellitrac® unique humidity tracking.)
  • Eliminates Condensation (No more wet walls or moisture on the inside of your windows.)
  • Quiet Operation (Designed to perform with low noise levels.)
  • Reduce Radon Levels (Perfect for radon levels under 500 Bq m-3)
  • Made In The UK (Supporting our local economy, lowering the carbon footprint.)
  • EC Motor (Incorporates a powerful backward curved EC motor.)
  • Summer By-Pass (Benefiting from a temperature controlled integral summer by-pass as standard.)
  • Wireless (Available with wireless remote control or myenvirovent app.)


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