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The OZEO is a low energy, continuously running whole house mechanical extract ventilation unit (MEV) fitted with multiple extract points to simultaneously draw moisture laden air out of the wet rooms of a property, whilst minimising the migration of humidity to other rooms.

Ideal for houses, apartments and communal residences with kitchen plus up to 6 additional wet rooms, the unit will ventilate the property in full compliance with current building regulations and is SAP Appendix Q eligible. Highly efficient, the OZEO delivers a specific fan power down to 0.24 W/l/s and is Energy Savings Trust Best Practice Performance Compliant.

Key Features

  • DC Motor (Incorporates a long life, low watt ball bearing DC motor.)
  • Multi-Speed
  • 2 Year Warranty (High quality products for peace of mind, saving time, money and hassle.)
  • Wireless (Available with wireless remote control.)
  • Quiet Operation (Designed to perform with low noise levels.)
  • Hard Wired Switch
  • Energy Efficient

Speed & Flexibility Of Installation

The OZEO has been designed for utmost ease and flexibility of installation. The four inlets pivot 90° enable a fast and safe connection without the need for extra tools or clamps. The exhaust outlet can be rotated 360°.

The OZEO can be installed horizontally or vertically on floors, ceilings or walls. The compact design allows it to fit into narrow ceiling voids and the pivoting spigots significantly reduce the space normally required once ductwork is connected.

The rapid installation kit and mounting template facilitates convenience and speed of installation for the installer.

Ease Of Installation

The compact size of the unit and its unique spigot configuration allows easy installation into any vertical or horizontal application and is ideal for restricted spaces.

With up to 4 spigot connection points the unit offers optimal versatility. Quick fit bayonet spigots provide convenience for the installer.

Remote Control

The OZEO can be supplied with a remote control boost switch with timer function.

Product Codes

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OZEOOZEO DCWireless Version
OZEO-HWOZEO DCHard Wired Version


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