Extensive Green Roof System - Sedum Blanket

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This is Bauder’s lightest weight system available at 44Kg/m² saturated weight. It comprises mature sedum on 20mm of extensive substrate and incorporating a multifunctional water retention and filter layer. The system is suitable for both new build construction and retrofit refurbishment projects. Where the roof is laid to a fall of ≥2° (1:30) the product can be laid directly onto the waterproofing. When laid on flat roofs (<2°), an additional SDF drainage mat (layer 3 below) is fitted. XF 301 also contains a moisture mat which retains up to 5 litres of water/m² which improves drought resistance.

Our XF301 Sedum System incorporates up to 17 species of sedum plants that are grown to maturity and delivered to site within 24 hours of harvesting for immediate installation, thus ensuring that they acclimatise quickly to their new rooftop location.

This BIM Object must be supported by a project specific specification from Bauder, incorporating system build-up, detail design and performance calculations if a full Bauder system warranty is required. Please contact your local Bauder Representative or technical@bauder.co.uk

This download includes The Extensive Green Roof System (Sedum Blanket)

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