Industrial Clean Outs -Tile / Resin / Concrete

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This Download Contains the BLÜCHER® full range of Clean Outs.

Select the product(s) based on outside (visible) dimension, flow rate, and / or item number, to upload in your project.

Clean-Out options for Concrete / Resin / Tiled floors

  1. Domestic 144 range of products with load class up to L15,
  2. Industrial 774 range of products with load class from L15 upwards,
  • Horizontal and Vertical outlet, height adjustable
  • With and without membrane and for concrete, tiled and resin floors.
  • The product is made from 1.5 mm acid-pickled stainless steel.
  • 4 Grating options
  • Designed in accordance with EN1253.

Key Component Features:

  • User selectable Drain
  • User selectable Gratings
  • User selectable Lower Parts
  • User selectable Watertrap
  • User selectable Filter Basket
  • 360 degree Lower Part
  • Height adjustment
  • Automated product codes
  • Pre-selected concrete cut out / base concrete slab option for installation purpose

Products: 144.150.110, 144.155.110, 144.150.075, 144.150.075,, 144.205.160,, 774.402.000, 774.502.000, 774.702.000, 790.173.000.07 S

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Accompanying literature

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