Ares Tec Condensing Boiler

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ARES Tec is a new range of floor-standing condensing boilers that provides an infinitely flexible solution for buildings requiring a high output heating system.

There are nine floor-standing boilers to choose from, with outputs ranging from 200kW to 900kW. Each one is made up of a number of self-contained heat generating modules forming what is, in essence, a series of boilers linked together within a single casing. This modular design enables ARES Tec boilers to optimise energy efficiency and comfort levels for building occupiers like no other boilers available today.

Each linked module shares a single set of ancillary components including flow and return pipes, electronic controls and flue. This greatly eases the installation process and, along with the internal easy access layout of each boiler, simplifies servicing. Compact overall dimensions and ultra-low operating noise levels gives the system designer greater flexibility when it comes to positioning the boiler within the building. With a host of benefits for the consultant, contractor, client and building occupier, ARES Tec boilers provide the perfect heating solution for a wide range of projects from hotels to office buildings, schools to sports centres.

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