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The Fluidmaster AirGap™ 6000 series are our revolutionary, next generation toilet cistern fill valves. They do everything the best-selling 400 series does, but with great new features.

  • The guidance issued by water companies in 2019 has had an impact on toilets and related products in the UK. These changes are necessary for our plumbing systems to adhere to health and safety compliance, driven by something which has become known in the industry as ‘blue water’. This is the term used for the visual indication of backflow, when fluid from a toilet cistern re-enters the main supply pipe, having been coloured by a blue loo block. Our newest generation AirGap™ fill valve has been designed in the UK and we have worked closely with water companies and test laboratories to ensure absolute compliance to every standard and regulation. The valve is fully compatible with the requirements of AUK1, the type AG Air Gap and is BS1212-4 certified. It is the first bottom inlet, height adjustable product to have achieved this and is a milestone in Fluidmaster innovation.
  • Water Saving Fill Valve: Allowing you to save over 1 litre per flush
  • One Size Fits Virtually All Cisterns: The only bottom-inlet toilet valve you’ll need to stock or have on your van.
  • CO2 Emissions: Enhance your building's sustainability by saving water and therefore reducing CO2 emissions.
  • AirGap™ Technology: Our revolutionary Fluidmaster AirGap™ technology totally eliminates backflow.
  • Exceptional Performance at Low Pressure: Fast fill from 0.1 bar, suiting all gravity and mains fedwater systems.
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