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The Fluidmaster AirGap™ 6000 series are our revolutionary, next generation toilet cistern fill valves. They do everything the best-selling 400 series does, but with great new features.


  • Part Number: 6420-D-001
  • Product Description: Bottom Entry Delayed Fill Airgap™ Valve
  • WRAS Approval: 2006332
  • Applied Standard(s): BS 1212-4:2016
  • Material(s): ABS, Brass, EPDM, POM, PP, PVC
  • Approx. Weight: 0.320 kg
  • Product Dimensions: Lx100mm Wx55mm H: Adjustable from 292mm to 345mm (Thread 50mm)
  • Product Type: Part 4 Compact Type Fill Valve
  • Operating pressure Range - From 0.1bar to 10bar mains water pressure.
  • Airgap distance built in design to meet AUK1 and Type AG airgap requirements.
  • Meets requirements of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations, Byelaws in Scotland, as they apply to
  • Type AG and Type AUK1 air gaps in WC suites and the interim agreement.
  • BS1212-4 2016 Compliant.
  • Reduces risk of water hammer.
  • Delayed fill for saving water.
  • Quiet Filling - Noise level below 60dB (Normal Conversation 60-70dB).
  • Pressure restrictor fitted to control flow rates when not using gravity systems- See instructions for details.
  • Removable filtration - Filter fitted within thread.
  • Small foot print allows for fitting into tight cisterns.
  • Adjustable Height - From 268mm to 318mm. (Overall Height of valve)
  • Water level adjustment from approx. 163mm to 218mm
  • Normal Working Temperature – 0°C – 20°C.
  • Inlet Thread – Brass ½” BSP to suit tap connector: 50mm Long
  • Made From Recyclable Materials.
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