Specifiers want your landscape products for their BIM projects

We understand that the exterior is just as important as the interior, that's why we have market leading landscape manufacturers like Marshalls live on bimstore. 

Watch their video below and find out how much value is in BIM, first hand.

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Why should manufacturers invest in BIM?

The benefits to investing BIM for landscape manufacturers are endless. A projects 3D model doesn't just cover the interior, clients want to see the landscape around a building with detail, depth and a range of differing factors from time of day to changes in the weather.


How can specifiers trust our models?

For a landscape architect, providing like-for-like 3D models of your products with complete data sets and render materials saves both time and money; meaning they're more likely to return to you, their easy to use specification solution. As a manufacturer, you have access to edit your product data in your own web-based manufacturer area, without the need for expensive software to keep you satisfied with our level of transparency. What's not to trust?


Content Distribution

bimstore is the original BIM content distribution platform. We're more than just a website, our platform and its integrations puts your content into the hands of real specifiers around the world. Find BIM content now, faster than ever before.

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Content Standards

Our industry renowned standards guide, the bimstore Bible, is available for instant download so you know your content is quality.


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We offer more than just creating and hosting your products.



Having your products digitalised in BIM means that creating interactive experiences that use this content is now easier than ever. bimstore have worked with manufacturers to create interactive VR/AR experiences for trade shows and marketing campaigns. Take a look at our virtual showroom, below.



Powerful Integrations

Embed your BIM objects on your website with a single line of code, we'll keep your objects in sync across and handle the complexities of download tracking and maintenance. We can even link you to more advanced integrations through our manufacturer API to integrate with your own PIM or CRM system.



Digital Content Services

Aside from creating the perfect content, we can also use your BIM content to create stunning 3D visuals, renderings, animations and 3D interactive widgets for marketing purposes. We have in-house marketing experts who provide a range of free services, to maximise your investment in BIM.

Digital Content Services

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