WuduMate: The world's leading supplier of ablution products joins bimstore

New to bimstore, WuduMate is the world's leading supplier of ablution products for prayer and multi-faith rooms, mosques, workplaces and homes.

Many Muslim professionals of the late 2000s will be familiar with WuduMate because of their popular WuduMate foldable bottles used to perform istanja. Once self-conscious about using public toilets to perform wudu or clean themselves, nowadays, Muslims living in the West feel more confident about explaining their requirements. As a result of this, companies are increasingly accommodating the bathroom needs of their Muslim employees. 

Based in Surrey, England, WuduMate was established in 2007 to provide the next generation of washing appliances for ablution in prayer rooms, homes and mosques. After speaking with users and gathering opinions from around the world, Wudumate has produced an excellent product range with advanced functionality. 

As a leader in this industry, WuduMate has used its extensive product knowledge to provide best practice advice to a range of clients in the commercial, education and healthcare sectors. The company has published its hugely successful best practice guide Diversity Matters based on this expertise. The booklet is a comprehensive guide for those responsible for designing and managing public or commercial properties on what to consider when building a multi-faith or prayer room.

WuduMate offers various toilet and bathroom accessories. Manufactured to the highest quality, WuduMate ablution appliances are safe, comfortable and dignified for users. Their pivotal product is the WuduMate washing facility- a bespoke unit that helps Muslims perform wudu sitting down. They are easy to clean and accommodate both adults and children.

With the distribution of WuduMate products across Europe, the MENA region and Australia, WuduMate satisfies a niche yet truly global requirement. Suitable for virtually any type of building, WuduMate products can be found in offices, homes, universities, hospitals, airports, and retail units. WuduMate has a number of informative case studies and testimonials. Case studies examples include: 

Gatwick Airport

With a chaplaincy team in place since 1974 and a chapel opened two years later, Gatwick Chaplaincy has served tourists, business travellers and Gatwick Airport's staff for over 35 years. Now, very much a multi-faith chaplaincy, Anglican chaplain Canon Jonathan Baldwin spearheaded the move to provide inclusive facilities for practising one's faith. Through many conversations with Muslim colleagues and chapel visitors, Canon Baldwin became aware of a need for suitable Wudu facilities. With direction from the chaplaincy team, the WuduMate Classic was installed to support the airport's Muslim staff and visitors. The contractor found it was the most appropriate solution on the market – easy to install and no need to dig into the floor slab to accommodate a tile and cement trough. 
Footfall into the chapel increased, and Gatwick later opened another multi-faith room in the North Terminal.

One Braham, BT Head Office

BT opened its new London Head Office, One Braham, in November 2021. Housing around 3,500 employees, BT's installed WuduMate Modular units to accomodate thier Muslim community. The company was delighted to receive a photo and testimonial from Nuzhah Miah, who had recently visited the building and said,

The office has very impressive amenities, but I was pleasantly surprised with the prayer space in particular. In my experience female prayer spaces have often felt like an afterthought. However at One Braham I was able to comfortably remove my hijab and perform ablution to prepare for prayer. This for me is a great example of inclusivity and I hope that these facilities become a standard in all offices, especially by companies that are looking to attract female Muslim talent.

Since then, many others have broadcasted their joy in finding these wudu facilities in their workplaces, including amazon, Sky, PWC and Microsoft staff.

Amazon Workplaces

Amazon has warehouses and offices dotted across the country with bespoke WuduMate facilities.
One of their products in an Amazon office in London recently went viral on social media. Mai Mahmoud, an amazon recruit wrote about her appreciation in finding prayer and wash facilities, posting a picture of the WuduMate basin. 

Mai Mahmoud wrote, 

This is an appreciation post for whomever suggested this idea, and for Amazon for implementing it. Thank you for making people feel at home.

Commenting on these posts, WuduMate's Managing Director, Nigel Bromilow, spoke of his delight at WuduMate products enriching people's lives and making them happy and comfortable in their workplace and other public spaces. 

You can see from the comments that follow posts like these more people become educated about what Muslims need, and maybe more Muslim employees will feel empowered to ask for their own place of employment for such facilities. Often companies are willing to help, they just don’t know what is required.

WuduMate specialises in providing a complete range of washing appliances and accessories for the Muslim pre-prayer ablution ritual of wudu, together with complementary Asian sanitaryware. Browse and download Revit families and other BIM objects from our range of Muslim pre-prayer washing appliances.

Find out more about WuduMate by visiting their Manufacturer Profile. Alternatively, check out their websiteLinkedIn, YoutubeFacebook or Twitter.



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